Free Workshop on Real Estate Market Investments Offered by Denver Colorado Agent

The workshop aims to teach consumers and investor to be a smart and successful real estate investors. The event will be useful to first-time buyers as well as seasoned investors.

The current market trend of Colorado was also discussed in the show.

( — November 16, 2018) — A Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show by a Denver host Barry Miller and Consumer advocate Larry Stanley announced an upcoming free 100-minute workshop on November 27,2018, 7pm. The goal of the workshop is to help consumers and investors to be smart and successful residential real estate investors. The workshop also aims to help them maximize the returns of their invested capital in the future and change their financial life positively.

Interested participants may call 303-758-4040 to receive registration information. The whole summary of the November 10, 2018, Barry and Larry Radio Show may be found here:

The manager of the Best Agent Finder, Kathleen Chiras says, “I think many times when we think about investing in real estate, we make the decision a bit emotionally. However, emotional decisions may lead to making the wrong investment decision.”

Chiras received an inquiry from a retired consumer who wanted to buy land around Lafayette, Indiana, and planned to tie up much of his retirement savings in this purchase. Many consumers are concerned about stock market volatility. However, factors to consider in the purchase of land include that there are higher taxes on vacant land, and the investment cannot be depreciated.

An extensive study about the real estate market and key cities to invest in will be discussed at the Nov. 27 workshop in Denver, CO. Investments should be planned properly to avoid financial losses and negative cash flows. This can be avoided by hiring a professional like Chiras and her team, which helps consumers look for top agents to work with to meet their goals and needs. They offer free personal consultation and can match consumers with highly experienced and knowledgeable agents anywhere in the United States, Canada and Costa Rica. The program has a selection screen for agents who are experienced in working with investors.

The hosts of the show provided a few questions that consumers should consider before buying raw land. More detail will be provided at the November 27 free workshop, which is for investors, not real estate agents. One critical consideration is for consumers to think of their objectives and reasons for buying the property.

To find trust-worthy and highly experienced agents in Colorado, consumers and investors may visit

The current market trend of Colorado was also discussed in the show. An updated list of the median price of a single detached home in eight cities of Colorado and the inventory of the houses in Denver Metro area can also be found in the summary.

The radio show host, Barry Miller will be instructing at the workshop. “The market trend is continuing to level off from all time highs this summer, but neighborhood by neighborhood the Denver Colorado market is still up by 7-8% year over year." He stresses that the concern about real estate values should be seen within the historical context.

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